STOP THIS MADNESS, YOU ARE A MAN OF FAITH FOR INFERNATUS SAKE!? ;quinn shouted at the Pax Machina priest who held the unconcious crystal coverd child above the walkway railing. It was a long way down, so far in fact that not even the trashlights from the outcast camps down below could be seen. Jack had his gun at the ready in case an opening was to reveal it self to save the child from an unfortunate fate. Quinn cast an quick eye over at where Cid was to see that he was still alive, wondering how in the seven hells the priest got all his strenght from to knock the air out Cid in the blink of an eye.

The priest gave of sinister smile before he opened his mouth to utter more madness:
- Why you ask? He is a damned heretic. He said with a rasping and dry voice. How is it that YOU a man of FAITH cannot see what your kind has wrought uppon us? Huh? Your kind is CURSED! The priest screamed at the top of his lungs tightening the grip around the childs neck, so hard the cracking sounds from the crystal could be heard. The priest continued screaming;
- I AM HIS FUCKING SAVIOUR! CANĀ“T YOU SEE THAT ALL THERE IS TO DO IS TO REALESE HIM FROM HIS SUFFERING!? THERE IS NOTHING LEFT IN THIS WORLD FOR HIM! The priest’s eys was bloodshot and his face red from the screaming, he was furious of their ignorance.

While the priest was screaming Cid caughed up some blood and struggled to drag himself up to his knees, he knew what he had to do.
- He is but a child you raving lunatic, cursed or not we are of the same kin, human, why is it that only you cybernetic freaks have the right to chose who live and who don’t? Why is it that as soon as i see wrong in this god forsaken world its the LIKES OF YOU I SEE? You are always there in the background plotting your next act of lunacy. Quinn snapped back in a calm, controlled, agressive voice. Jack saw that Cid was about to rise to his feet, he knew what was comming, it had been building up for a while now, he could feel it in the air, he just had to be quick now to save the boy before Cid made quick work of that priest.

- This is your last chance to change your mind priest. Please i beg of you, this child have not wronged you in any way, your faith is based on evil, can’t you see that, please listen to reason. Rethink this! Said quinn swallowing his hate for the Pax Machina priesthood.
The priest burst out in mad laughter, it was clear now, the priest had lost control of the situation. Amids the laughter the priest did not pay attention to the young Adept glowing with blue flames and hatred directed at him, Cid was about to unleash hell upon him. Jack launched himself low along the metal tiles on the walkway praying that he would be fast enough. The priest screamed:

The priest released his grip around the boys neck allowing him to fall to a grusome death down below. In one sweeping motion, Jack grabbed the railing and swooped in, he managed to grab the child, and then used his momentum to launch himself and the child back onto the walkway. He was just in time. Quinn closed his eyes so he would not go blind from what was about to happen. Cid screamed at the top of his lungs while the increadable amounts of energy he had been building up surged out through his hands to make everything in front of him burn into a black nothingness. The priest had not noticed the build up, nor had he forseen this previously fallen foe stood up to unleash whatever hell this was. The flames ate everything of matter infront of Cid and reached the priest at such a high speed the he was sent flying of the ledge of the walkway incinerated, down into the darkness below. Had Jack been a moment to late that would have been his fate to, he though for a blink of an eye before flinching out of thought to tend to the boy. Cid dropped once again to the floor panting of exaustion, he was tired, he felt alive. Quinn opened his eyes again to see nothing but flames where the priest stood earlier.

It was over for now, but for how long?…

Tales from the Underdark