Tales from the Underdark

No rest for the wicked

After a long fucking walk through the Sprawl i hit the bars. And would you not believe it that as soon as i get in there i see one of them slumlord dogs. Fucking low lifes, he was arguing with this girl, rather hot at that, i ignored it the best i could even tho i wanted to smash his face in for just existing. I sat down to have my drink and left my hammer leaning at the counter, and managed to take one sip from my drink before that asshole noticed my jacket….

He went up to me all high and mighty with his fucking talk about that this bar belonged to and what and who i should watch out for that guy and that other random retard, so before actually thinking a sound thought i had my fist in his face. When he managed to control his breathing again, he pulled a small toothpick of a knife and started to pick a fight with me, i dont know how but he managed to drag the girl he was talking to earlier into the fight, im guessing she was trying to stop him or something. I stood up and grabbed my hammer and told him that he should get the fuck out of my face before i got really angry. The barkeep told us to take it outside…

When we got outside he got serious. He had the girl at a strangle hold and he the knife to her neck, she was obviously crying, he threatened to kill the girl now unless I left the bar, since i would not do that he was in trouble. He was shouting all kinds of shit that his boss was going the hear about this and that. I didnt give five shits about it. Hell i didnt even give a shit about the girl either but since she actually showed a bit of humanity earlier i might as well save her. I dropped the hammer and told him to leave her out of it. He didnt buy it….

Im not sure who threw the stone but my god it hit that asshole at the perfect time, he dropped his knife and the girl squirmed free of his grip. All i really remeber is that i beat the living crap out of that bitch before letting him go no the sqeal to his boss. Fuck the cover i was trying to hold, its no use anymore, not if they can recoginze me this easy. Im growing tired of all these fucking gangbangers.

I went back inside after that twerp disappeared into the the crowd. I finished my drink, while doing that a man walked up to me asking some random banter questions, i answerd the best i could. I didnt really care. I better get going to the sprawl again, Carolyn is working tonight, maybe she can tell me where i can find that sad shit of a best friend i had. It seems like someone is stalking me…




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