Tales from the Underdark

The Pillars of light

At long last my journey is over, its been a far to long trip out in the wastelands, the glory of the capital is really unheard of up in the mountains. I was shocked to see the walls appear slowly in the dust of the caravan, the walls just never stopt growing the closer we went, i mean hell this city is more of and indipendent country in it self because of its size.

Anyways, when we got inside the splendor of the walls vanished fast. All i could see was slums, they were in such a bad state i was wondering if anything could live down here in this filth. Mountains of trash and waste was pretty much all i could see before i saw that witch i had been told about. The great pillars of light, the city of walltown. Im not much of a city person since im from the mountains so this was mindblowing, just this city spreading across four massive pillars nearly a mile high, gleaming with millions of lights in the darkness like a beacon of a godly pressance.

I said goodbye to the caravan leader and payed him the fee i promised when i meet them at the ecodomes and started the long walk up to the elevators near the base of the pillars. It was exiting, all the new horrible smells and this wierd society living around the base floor of this sector of the slums…

After about an hours walk i finally reached the base of the pillars, it was buzzling with life, i never in my grown life seen this many people, at least not since my mom died. There was a massive line to the many elevators. After just a few minutes it was my turn along with some more inhabitants. A small child was awing my pristine robes and staff. I guess they arent that used to outsiders within the city.

The elevator rustled and screamed with horrible sounds before it started to move and to be honest i was quite uncomfterble to listen to it. It was worth it tho, i finaly understand why the sector is called the land of embers, it was as the ground started to glow when the darkness engulfed the ground down below, all of the bonfire from the ground lit up like small embers and filled the darkness with a soothing orange glow.

It took the elevator quite some time to reach the first floor of the city. The elevator stopped at an area that the guards called the preacher summit. From the instructions i had in my letter this was were i was supposed to get of.

After a short walk up along the odd streets and many buildings i came across a crowd of people. There seemed to be some sort of comotion between from what i believe was a gangmembers. One of them was a giant, he looked calm but sturn, the other was a small man, rather scrawny build and he was really angry, beside him was a woman who bearly had any clothes on her. She was crying. The big man crushed the small man, it was not a pleasant sight….

Before this got the attention of the guard i started to ask around in the dispersing crowd if anyone knew of a place called lantern street. An elder man told me to seek out the hindenburg bar in the sprawl…




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